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Martin, our qualified specialist exercise instructor, delivers multidisciplinary exercise classes where individuals can take their movement at their own pace and benefit from a friendly group community feel. The sessions are backed by evidence-based studies and designed with exercises that can be easily tailored and adapted to each individual’s needs/ability levels. Martin is always on hand to give specific and specialised advice and exercise adaptations.


● Stroke exercise rehabilitation
● Cardiac rehabilitation
● Cancer exercise rehabilitation
● Other conditions (HBP, high Cholesterol, Diabetes)

Brighton special exercise rehabilitation classes

The group-based sessions aim to do the following with the benefit of being in a controlled environment:

● Tailor and adapt exercises to suit an individual’s needs
● Improve flexibility and movement patterns
● Increase or maintain muscle tone and strength
● Increase endurance and stamina
● Improve confidence
● Improve mood and wellbeing

The exercises used are all backed by evidence based studies, for more information look at 

 Martin currently accepts both professional and self-referrals into his multi-disciplinary exercise classes where individuals can take their movement at their own pace and benefit from a friendly group community feel. All classes are £8 person.

  • Monday 1.30pm – Stanley Deason Leisure Centre 

  • Tuesday 10am – Portslade Health Centre

  • Tuesday 12pm – Peacehaven Leisure Centre

  • Wednesday 12pm – Stanley Deason Leisure Centre

  • Thursday 11am – Portslade Health Centre

  • Friday 12pm – Peacehaven Leisure Centre

*All SFP sessions are multi-condition sessions (stroke, cancer, cardiac, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, general de-conditioning)

Martin has been working in the health and fitness industry for 14+ years and has gained lots of experience in different specialities along the way. In addition to personal training he currently delivers Phase 4 Cardiac Rehab and multi-disciplinary sessions across Brighton and Hove. Previously he has worked within the Stroke Association where he set up and delivered 12 week exercise and education programs as well as providing additional social support day in and day out for stroke survivors.

Martin's Qualifications:

  • Level 4 specialist exercise qualification in Exercise after Stroke with Later Life Training.

  • Level 4 specialist exercise instructor qualification Cardiac Rehabilitation with BACPR.

  • Level 4 specialist exercise instructor with CanRehab – Exercise Cancer Rehabilitation

"Martin is an excellent trainer with great knowledge and understanding, He can adapt his skill set to your individual needs to ensure you get the best from your time with him.

Adam Rice

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