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Here at Sussex Fitness Project, we believe that there is no ‘one size fits all’, that’s why our personal training takes a very personal approach. Working with you, we focus on designing a bespoke program, that not only works for your physical needs but also your mindset. Our goal is to work  with you to create a sustainable habit of activity, that you enjoy, to build consistency in working towards your goals.

We have worked with an array of different clients over the years, all with different goals and different activity levels, we understand that everybody is different and whilst we will be there to motivate you to reach your goals, we will never push you harder than you feel you can go.

There is no need to feel that you must have a certain level of fitness before you can start training with us. Be it losing weight, building strength, increasing muscle mass or just wanting to increase overall health and fitness we will work with you to build a strong foundation. 


New clients get a free consultation where we will speak to you to gain a full understanding of your goals and past experiences and what your expectations from the training will be. We will help to work out a step-by-step process in getting you to your goals and explain in detail how we will work to get you there.

Realistic goal setting is something we will work very hard with you on, we want to make this a fun process and manage your expectations to be able to build the training program into your daily life and we don’t ever want it to become overwhelming or too much for you.

We believe in education as well as quality training so will take extra time in explaining how we can help and why we believe particular strategies would be the best for you. During the sessions we will always explain what we are doing and why. Our aim is that you leave every session feeling that you have learnt something.




Our Personal
Training Studio

Our personal training sessions take place in from SFP's training studio. The space is located off of North Road in Portslade. On-street parking is available. 


Our personal training memberships will give you access to our highly qualified personal trainers a personalised tailored plan to your specific goals. 

1-to-1 Personal Training

  • 4 PT sessions a month - £160 per month

  • 8 PT sessions a month - £270 per month

Want to share the fun and make the sessions more affordable, set your personal goals with friends or family and enjoy the process with our small group sessions. 

Two People

  • 4 PT sessions a month - £200 per month

  • 8 PT sessions a month - £350 per month

Three People

  • 4 PT sessions a month - £255 per month

  • 8 PT sessions a month  - £465 per month

Four People

  • 4 PT sessions a month - £300 per month

  • 8 PT sessions a month - £500 per month

Martin knows his stuff and paces workouts to suit where I’m at. It’s such a bonus being able to bring my dog too! Good value for money and great trainer

Roxanne Checkley

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